The Great State Worksheet Answers

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The Great State Worksheet Answers

The Great State Worksheet Answers

Halogen family nonmetals atomic mass 35 basic skills/physics 6-8+ answer key who am i worksheet 25 electrons transition elements gas 48 neutrons period 4 time lowest mass gas 16 amu 8 neutrons Send information about what you need, budget and time constraints . Questions are posted anonymously and can be 100% private.

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The Great State Worksheet Answers

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QUANTUM NUMBERS WORKSHEET 1. List the four quantum numbers, then explain their values ​​and what they represent. n – principal quantum number: indicates the energy level in which the electron is associated with the periodic period. It can be from 1 to 7 l – secondary quantum number / orbital shape Quantum number: indicates the orbital shape, p, f, d. l is a range of n-1. ml – magnetic quantum number: indicates the number of possible orbits. Ml is the volume of l. ms – spin quantum number: refers to the electron and its spin. Two options +1/2, -1/2 2. Determine the number of electrons that can be described by the following quantum number a. n = 3, l = 0 2 b. n = 3, l = 1 6 c. n = 3, l = 2, ml = -1 2 d. n = 5, l = 0, ml -2, ms -1/2 Not possible 3. Give the values ​​of n and l for the following orbitals a. 1s n=1 l = 0 b. 3s n=3 l =0 c. 2p n= 2 l= 1 d. 4d n = 4l…

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Walden University Week 3 Supervisor-Supervied Relationship Discussion Building rapport and a strong working alliance with supervisees is critical to a successful working relationship. … Week 3 Walden University Discusses Supervisor-Supervised Relationships Building rapport and a strong working alliance with supervisees is essential to a successful working relationship. There are many ways to build rapport with supervisees, and some are similar to the process therapy uses to build rapport with clients. Many variables can influence the development of the supervisor-supervisee relationship. These include the supervisor’s skills in building strong relationships that help the supervisee achieve supervisory goals, and the supervisor’s model and supervisory style. For example, fostering less than ideal relationships is a strict and hierarchical control style that can lead to anxiety, fear, and resentment in the control. All of these variables can affect the success or failure of a relationship. Ladany and Friedlander (1995) further stated that role conflict and role ambiguity can destroy a good working relationship between supervisor and supervisee. Role conflict occurs when supervisors are expected to work together in roles that conflict with each other or conflict with the supervisor’s values. Graduate students are particularly vulnerable to role conflict because managers sometimes do not expect them to think of themselves as co-workers. Role ambiguity occurs when the supervisor is asked to discuss weaknesses or character defects when the supervisor assesses competence and suitability for the job. If these issues of role conflict and ambiguity are not addressed openly, the quality of the working alliance may change. To prepare for this discussion, review the learning resource and consider key elements that help you connect with your supervisor. Can developing a good working alliance with a supervisor have negative consequences? How can you avoid these consequences? Write a hypothetical scenario that illustrates role conflict, role ambiguity, or other pitfalls in the supervisor-supervisee relationship. Provide detailed information on supervisor and supervisee roles and relationships for colleagues to analyze. References: Reading Barnett, J. (2007). Commentary on the ethical and effective practice of clinical supervision: The search for an effective supervisor. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 38(3), 268-275. Retrieved from the Walden Library database. Fallender, CA and Shafranske, E.P. (2004). Clinical supervision: A competency-based approach. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Ch. 5, “Alliances in the Therapy-Supervision Relationship” (pp. 95-114) Foster, V. A., & McAdams, C. R., III. (2009). A Framework for Creating a Climate of Professional Assessment Transparency: Encouraging Student Investment in Gatekeeping. Counselor Education and Supervision, 48 (4), 271-284. Retrieved from the Walden Library database. Getz, H.G. (1999). Competency evaluation of clinical managers. Journal of Counseling and Development, 77(4), 491–497. Retrieved from the Walden Library database.

California State University Northridge ANOVA Question Factors Question 1 2 points Monica wants to measure the amount of money students spend on fast food (… California State University Northridge statistical analysis statistics Question 1 2 points Monica wants to measure money ​, how many different graduate students spend on fast food (measured in dollars) Select 20 random graduate students from CSUN, 20 random graduate students from UCLA, and 20 random graduate students from USC Then determine the total amount of money each student spends on fast food over the weekend. ) does the amount of money students spend differ significantly between schools. What type of analysis is appropriate for testing this? Answers Group Choice Factorial ANOVA One-way ANOVA HSDTukeyScheffe correction test Question 2 2 points John performed a one-way ANOVA, to compare 4 different group (using = 0.05) and realize that you, me, are fundamentally different from others. They are interested in groups differed from each other, so they performed the Tukey HSD post-hoc test (use = 0.05). However, he wanted to make sure that he was the type in general

The Great State Worksheet Answers

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