Time And Space Paint Color

Time And Space Paint Color – I’m really excited about today’s post because for the first time in years, Sherwin Williams has added 200 new BEAUTIFUL inspired colors as part of the exclusive Emerald Design Edition coat/paint collection. These colors and paints are now Sherwin Williams premium paint.

Before I get into that, I want you to know that this post is NOT a sponsored post in any way. I’m just a paint lover who wants to share with you what I’ve learned while researching a new style of projects for my clients.

Time And Space Paint Color

Time And Space Paint Color

These 200 new colors are Emerald Designer Edition colors and cannot be used with other Sherwin Williams colors. This is because the Emerald Design made with “UltraWhite Base” is completely different, so if you only order these colors with other SW colors, you will not get the same color as other white bases. completely different. .

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In the press release of their new collection, Sherwin Williams said that the new colors are based on requests from interior designers for light white, gray/beige tones, and other muted tones. Because of the bright white base, SW is able to achieve these tones better.

When I first looked at the design of the fan, I was amazed because Sherwin Williams nailed it and thought clearly about what the designers wanted when creating a new one! All the colors are off the charts!

I have already defined several colors for my customers and I wanted to share my favorite colors from the new collection to inspire you.

At the top of my list is the steel made SW9565. I’m telling you right now we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this because it’s GOOD! Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to find a very rich charcoal color with a traditional blend and have never been able to find it. Sherwin Williams created this brown/grey/charcoal combination that I’ve been looking for for a project and it’s perfect!

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By the way, some of the colors I added to the collage above are from the Forged Steel color bar. I’m in love with all these color combinations and I usually work from one thread to make sure all the colors in the room work together (trim, door color, cabinetry, walls, etc.).

Wrought iron is perfect for moody walls, cabinets and interior doors. In fact, I plan to use this color throughout the house for all the interior doors for a client project I’m working on. Isn’t it amazing?

My next favorite metallic is this deep muddy green called Succulent. For God’s sake!! It’s so beautiful! By the way, this color palette is amazing too!

Time And Space Paint Color

Sherwin Williams used Succulent beautifully in this closet, a color from a new collection called SW White Sail (I love bright white).

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Another favorite that I can’t wait for is Guild Grey, the lightest color in the Forged Steel color range. I think this color will be a perfect color for the walls of the house in certain lighting conditions.

Guild Gray reminds me of a slightly cooler Repose Grey. I think Guild Gray would be perfect for a home that doesn’t get a lot of natural light. It would be bright/bright with a little wall color.

I also enjoy using Serenely with all the other colors in the Serenely color bar. It’s a wonderful calm blue without much color.

I also love Whisper, which is the dark color of the wall below. Note the color of the white bricks too! It is called White Sesame and is a light warm blue.

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As for the new Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition paint, I have heard very good things about the product from various different contractors I work with who have tried it. Although it is more expensive than Emerald paint, the good news is that it is a one coat paint, so you don’t need much to cover the area, saving money in the long run by using less paint. I also LOVE that this phone is in a cooler!! This is great news as I like to use flats in my clients’ projects as they really change the wall.

I’m getting ready to try this new paint and color on a client project so I’ll let you know what I think and share the results with you. In the meantime, if any of you try it, let me know what you think in the comments section below.

So what do you think? Is there a color you can use? I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Due to this pandemic and staying at home, this year I have provided (so far) more paint colors to my customers than ever before. It seems that everyone has renovated their house in the last year with a lot of time at home. Today I thought I would share some of the most popular paint types that I see happening with designers and builders in new construction projects around the country with my clients.

Time And Space Paint Color

For almost 12 years I have been blogging about paint color trends and I really think that this is the most interesting and beautiful time when it comes to choosing home colors. Consumers use color (even if it’s small and subtle) and brighten up homes to bring in more light. I see many bright wall colors contrasted with rich dark colors that are hard and purposeful and purposeful. I’m just inspired right now with all the amazing colors I’ve been seeing!

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I’m breaking down these popular paint colors into common color categories to help you see what’s trending right now. Remember, I’m sharing color trends to help you find the colors you trust. If a color is popular and sells well, it is likely to be a widely available and reliable color.

I wanted to start with the metallic blue shades because those shades are the “It Girl” colors at the moment. I see those metallic blue shades everywhere now! Metallic blue colors are the last shade of blue on the fin floor before the colors turn blue. These blue tones are muted and have a lot of yellow undertones. I put together a comment board below to show you all the different types of metal blues.

Below is some blues metal I saw last week during the Utah Valley Parade of Homes (I’ll post a report next week) and I’ll share some blues I recently made for a client. projects.

Chatwin Home used several different blues in the home during the UV parade, including these beautiful mudrooms/cabinets painted Benjamin Moore Providence Blue. Providence is famous and amazing dark blue.

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Also in the Chatwin home, they used a very light blue steel, painted by Benjamin Moore Smoke, on the lower side of the kitchen. Smoke has been popular for years because it has a lot of substance and has blue/blue dreams.

In a recent home project for a client, I used a muted blue/gray color for a kitchen island that I designed for my client. The color is very close to Sherwin Williams Slate Tile. Notice how this blue/grey tone compliments the underlying wood tones. This is because white noise helps balance/conversion.

Below is a Shiftlap wall painted in Sherwin Williams Solid Slate, another popular blue/grey from Sherwin Williams. This text is reliable and I have never seen it questioned anywhere.

Time And Space Paint Color

Benjamin Moore Philipsburg Blue has been Ben Moore’s best-selling blue for as long as I can remember, and I loved it on the Regent home cabinets I saw last week during the parade. Philipsburg Blue is a pale blue with a hint of blue. The color is very nice.

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If you look at the list of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling paint colors below, you will see that most of these popular colors are similar to a metallic blue tone with gray undertones. Although people want more colors in their homes these days, many want these solid colors to easily compliment and match the other tones of the home. This is the safest way to bring color into the room.

In the last 9-12 months, I started to see this big change in wall colors all over the house in new buildings, from the middle of the warm tone of the walls or the white walls to the colors “so be there”. I see that about myself

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