Transfiguration Printable Coloring Page

Transfiguration Printable Coloring Page – Saint Nonna is best known as the mother of St. Grigory the Theologian. He was a Christian who married a pagan. She prayed and worked hard to convince her husband to stop worshiping animals and follow the true God. He was rewarded by a faithful man who later became a bishop. He also worked on raising his children in Christian virtues. Her three children were blessed! When the children grew up and moved away, Nonna fell ill and refused to eat. In a vision, she brought her son Grigory bread to eat. She believed in this vision so much that his body became stronger.

When Jesus told his disciples that he would be leaving soon, they did not look well. They were sad and did not understand why he left. Then Jesus took Peter, James and John and went up to Mount Tabor. Mount Tabor is mentioned throughout the Old Testament. It was a holy place, close to God. It was also important to see the area. It was used by warriors and travelers. It was safe because it was visible from afar. Jesus used this to show his disciples something new. Suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared, and Jesus’ clothes were white. The disciples (disciples of Jesus) heard a voice that said: “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Listen to him: “Peter, John and James all knew that this was the voice of God. They fell to the ground and covered their faces until Jesus touched them and said, “Arise and do not be afraid.” Their teacher looked normal and the prophet looked normal. , Moses and Elias disappeared. No one went up or down the mountain anymore, otherwise the disciples would not have been able to see them. It wasn’t a trick. Jesus wanted his disciples to understand that he is on earth for a reason and soon he will return to his home in heaven, God wanted to show his disciples that Jesus is telling the truth.

Transfiguration Printable Coloring Page

Transfiguration Printable Coloring Page

Maryam was a special girl from birth to death. Her parents prayed to God for a miracle because they wanted a child, and He gave them Mary. When she was a child, her parents brought her to the holy temple so that the priests would teach her all the laws of God. Then, when he was a young man, God sent him an angel to ask him to bear him a son and raise him. She accepted this special task and gave birth to Jesus on Christmas Day. Mary became the first Christian woman who believed in herself as the Son of God. She encouraged Jesus to do God’s work well. When he preached, he went with him. And when Jesus died for everyone’s sins, Mary was there. She helped bury the body of Jesus and was there for the Passover. After all, Maria was an old woman. One day he fell asleep and did not wake up. All Jesus’ friends came to say goodbye. And just as he was there for Jesus, he came and took his mother to heaven. He has a special place in heaven, next to Jesus Christ, where He is still for us. He prays and prays to Jesus and can help us when we ask.

Peter James And John At The Transfiguration

Let us now run zealously to the Mother of God, As sinners and humble, let us repent, Calling from our hearts: Mistress, come to help, come, have mercy on us; our armies of errors; Do not leave your servants, our only hope is you, glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.-Amen

St. Natalya did not marry until the year when Emperor Maximian (IV century) began to gather Christians. Her husband worked for the emperor, so she never told him she was a Christian. Hadrian, her husband, seeing the persecution of the Christian faith, asked the scribes to put him on the list of Christians to be executed. She encouraged her husband and let him know that he too was a Christian. She encouraged her husband to remain silent during torture and execution. She was saved from execution by a bodyguard who wanted to marry her for money. She ran away from an unwanted marriage. But he was so tired that he fell asleep.

Moses was an angry man. A slave who ran away from his master and started a gang. People were afraid of this great powerful man and his cruel gang! After years of stealing, God brought Moses to a monastery to end his life of crime. Musa faithfully served as a priest for years in the monastery.

One day the thieves came to the monastery and there they met the great and powerful Moses. He tied everyone up and took him to Kalan. The elders said to have mercy and let them go. The robbers were shocked when their former gang boss let them go. They saw that God had changed Moses and decided to stay in the monastery.

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They followed Moses, became monks and led a faithful life. It was not always easy, the sinful past tormented their conscience. They followed the advice of the Elders. Moses also took on additional responsibilities. He lived in a monastery for a long time, but was finally killed by thieves.

John the Baptist was a cousin of Jesus. He was a very holy man. We call him the Forerunner because he began to preach that the Messiah would come even before Jesus began his ministry. He lived almost like a monk, his icon shows him in green robes to remind us that he lived close to nature. John was a prophet. He gave everyone an important message from God. John’s disciples were baptized to wash away their sins and prepare them to follow Jesus.

We remember John the Baptist on August 29. He was killed by an evil woman who asked the powerful man to be executed. John was telling the truth about her horrible life, and she felt bad, but she didn’t ask God to forgive her. Instead, she got angry and told the man to cut off his head. Throughout history, his head has been lost and found!

Transfiguration Printable Coloring Page

I hope you will enjoy painting the icon of John the Baptist, the messenger of God (similar to the angels). Remember that he lived in the desert, so he is dressed in green, and the angel’s wings are yellow or orange. See John’s head under the craft!

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Aidan was an Irish monk who lived on the small island of Iona off the coast of Ireland. King Oswald wanted his people to convert to Christianity. The first bishop sent to this region was an Englishman who insisted on using the Roman rite. Aidan kept the Celtic tradition and this bishop was brought back. Aidan helped build a monastery in the Irish style. It was surrounded by wooden buildings and houses, so it looked familiar and felt like part of the community. He noted that this monastery and the local community will continue to live, teaching people. He went to school with twelve boys. He insisted on using the English language for the benefit of the people. This system was so successful that missionaries from his schools spread throughout Anglo-Saxon England!

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Matthew 17:1-4 (NIV) After six days, Jesus took with him Peter, James, and John, the brother of James, and led him up a high mountain by himself. There he was changed before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became white like light. Then Moses and Elijah came before them and talked with Jesus. Peter said to Jesus: “Lord, it is good that we are here. If you want, I will set up three shelters: one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.

Matthew 17:5 While Jesus was still speaking, a bright cloud covered Him, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is My Son, whom I love; I am very happy for him. Listen to him!”

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Matthew 17:6-8 (NIV) When the disciples heard this, they fell to the ground in fear. But Jesus came and touched them. “Get up,” he said. “Do not be afraid”. When they turned around, they found no one but Jesus.

Matthew 17:9 When they came down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them: “Tell no one.

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