Turkish Brown Paint Color

Turkish Brown Paint Color – As you may recall in our last Designer’s Choice blog, Shades of White, we covered two different shades of white that can be paired with three different triangular bricks. In this blog, similar to Shades of White, I will share two dramatic trim colors that will complement our brick perfectly.

Two of my favorite decor colors are Turkish Coffee (SW6076) and Urban Bronze (SW7048) from the Sherwin Williams Collection.

Turkish Brown Paint Color

Turkish Brown Paint Color

Turkish coffee is a warmer color that adds a sense of tradition and sophistication to exterior design. If you prefer a cooler feel, Urbane Bronze is the way to go, allowing the exterior design to look more distinguished and modern.

How To Paint A Turkey On Canvas

Many of our amazing bricks can be paired with these two trim colors, but I’ve narrowed it down to three: Charleston from our Country Collection, Nantucket from our Vintage Collection, and Southampton from our Coastal Collection.

Both Turkish Coffee and Urban Bronze complement the accent colors in each brick, highlighting the oranges, browns and grays. Meanwhile, at the same time, the decorative colors leave a vivid appearance of the basic beige and sand color of the brick.

We understand that choosing the perfect color to decorate is sometimes not a very easy task. The Brick Design Center is always on hand for those seeking guidance and inspiration in choosing a trim color for our brick.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me to use my services, here are some suggestions for what you can bring with you when we meet: A few months ago, Sherwin Williams and Pottery Barn released another color partnership collection (Spring/Summer 2014). ) and I’m really excited about the colors. Today for Paint It Monday, I thought I would highlight some of my favorites from the latest collection.

How To Pick The Perfect White Paint Color

Usually when I create a color palette, I narrow it down and pick 6-7 of my favorite colors and create the palette you are used to seeing. However, with this collection, I really want 12 of the 20 colors and that’s too many colors to make my normal palette, so today I’m making the palette a little different. I’ve picked my favorites from the latest collection and put them in color order so you can see the color variation:

Here are all the colors in the collection in case you want to see the rest of the colors Pottery Barn/Sherwin Williams came out with for Spring/Summer 2014:

The whole collection is really nice and on point, and I think my favorite color in the collection is functional gray because it really is one of the most functional grays I think I’ve seen in a paint color. It is very versatile and looks great in any room and interior or exterior, let me show you..

Turkish Brown Paint Color

In fact, many of the beautiful colors in the Pottery Barn collection are very functional and versatile. I’m really excited to see this because I think it’s what consumers are really looking for when it comes to paint. Colors that work well in different spaces and lighting conditions.

Chapter 5 Turkish Arts

I love smokey blue and again, this is another really versatile color that can work in a bedroom, a laundry room, a dining room, and I can even see it being used in closets. I like this toilet:

The background is a new color I haven’t seen before and I really like it and it’s a nice mid-warm gray transition color:

Finally, Iron Ore has become another favorite of mine for cabinets, trim and interior doors, and is a nice dark gray on the wall (a navy/dark gray mix) although it looks dark gray in this picture:

You can buy Pottery Barn Paint at Sherwin Williams. One last thing I wanted to mention. I discovered on the Pottery Barn website that you can put in the month and year and page number of any of the Pottery Barn catalogs and it will tell you what color the wall paint is in that room. They would probably sell a lot more color if they put the name right on the page, but now we can find out and you can find the color finder here on the left side of the page on the Pottery Barn website.

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Brown Paint Samples At Lowes.com

So what do you think of this collection? Do you like colors? Is there one that jumps out at you? I would love to know which one is your favorite.

Thanks for stopping by today folks, and if you missed last week’s Paint It Monday, I shared a roundup of the most popular paint projects and color palettes I shared in 2013. You can access this post by clicking directly on the image below : Beautiful Moroccan sand ceramic screen is called Turkish amber and comes from a company called Laguna. Your product number, along with HTML color code, RGB and CMYK codes are listed below. This beautiful shade of Turkish Amber and others can be found at the Laguna Sand Art Paints Gallery. Also, don’t forget to browse our other beautiful professional painting galleries to see more porcelain, ceramics, cookies, ceramics, cookies, greenware brand paints and other Laguna Moroccan paint manufacturers. And as always, paint paint paint!

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Turkish Brown Paint Color

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