U382e Paint Color Name

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U382e Paint Color Name

U382e Paint Color Name

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U382e Paint Color Name

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Please contact us so we can help you! Chat, email or call us. (On-site chat is fastest!) The paint code says U 382E, but when I try to find color by code on different websites, they don’t recognize it. When I use the brand and model year they display the color as metallic tin but the color code is listed as WA382E

Also, the colored chip on the sides looks grayer than what is on the truck. As you can see in the photo of my truck

Seems more golden. Anyone else have a Silverado with U 382 color code that can confirm the shade?

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Paladin said: Silverado with U 382 color code can verify the shade? Click to expand … If you go to clipboard “Inside” white label / sticker “Service parts identification label (see below) …. under this label is your Silverado paint code … .Tag Shows what” U “in U382 means what you posted. If your Silverado has a two-tone paint from the factory, it will have 2 paint codes, U382 … … and a” U “in the paint. The code means upper body color and also has paint “L382” …. “L” in paint code stands for upper body color …… paint code … WA382E …. this way you know about Pewter Metallic for your 00 “Silverado ….”

On my service part identification tag, for my 99 “Silverado …. I have the same” U “as my paint code” U8624 “… which is Summit White and the paint code is W8624 …..

There is no doubt what the code is as it shows the U 382E from the tag in my truck’s glove box. Below is an image of this label.

U382e Paint Color Name

What I’m trying to confirm is if they have the same code and their truck is the same color as mine as shown in the OP.

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Paladin said: There is no doubt what is the code shown in U 382E from the tag in my truck’s glove compartment. Below is an image of this label. See appendix 70794. I’m trying to confirm if anyone has the same code and if their truck is the same color as mine shown in OP. Click to expand … My 98 silverado says the same

I have the same problem. Do you know the color of the paint? Mine is the same as yours and I told them something and no. What color did you choose?

No problem … you all just missed the 99heartbeat reply. if the truck is 2 tons you have 2 codes, the top one starts with U and the bottom one starts with L. if it’s a color, the code starts with U.

Are you sure your clipboard is original? and to confuse things even more, GM has changed the code names over the years … my suit was born in a top color, but to buy paint by code it’s now called Olympic white.

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