Under The Sea Paint Color

Under The Sea Paint Color – Learn to paint under the sea with acrylics on 11″ x 14″ canvas. This design can also work on any size canvas.

You will be guided step by step how to create beautiful turquoise and deep blue water background with sandy seabed.

Under The Sea Paint Color

Under The Sea Paint Color

Then add seaweed and coral, or customize the types of coral reef plants you want to add. You can also customize the fish species in this drawing.

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Start with Titanium White at the top of the canvas. Draw a semi-circular area in the top center and go down about 3-4 inches.

Then fill your brush with some light aqua green and blend it gently with the white. Paint over the canvas in curved strokes.

Continue mixing the light aqua green and the titanium white. Continue painting all the curved lines on the canvas. Gradually add lighter aqua green and less titanium white.

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Then add a blue phthlao to your brush. Mix it with a little aqua on your palette. Then mix phthalo blue and aqua to create the deep blue area of ​​the ocean. Make sure your shots are still on the curve.

Continue applying phthalo blue until it almost runs across the canvas. Then wipe your brush. Add some titanium white to your brush and blend the titanium white into the blue to lighten the underside a bit. (This will help blend the sand color in the next step)

Then add a small amount of bleached titanium to the base and mix back into the white/phthalo blue. This sand color belongs to the bottom of the ocean.

Under The Sea Paint Color

Tip: unbleached titanium is a very strong color, a little goes a long way. Mix this gently. A little blue mixed with the color of the sand on the seabed is good.

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Use a round brush number 8 for this step. Mix some white with phthalo blue to get a lighter blue. Draw a piece of coral in the far left.

Then fill tightly with circular movements. Use both Phthalo Blue and Titanium White and combine the two colors to create different variations of this color. Make the top of this cranberry a little lighter and the bottom a little darker.

Define the seabed with unbleached titanium mixed with some blue/white. Draw a sort of straight line up the middle left and right.

Use a #8 round brush in Phthalo Blue and Titan White. Mix the two and add some water. Draw a branching blue seaweed on a piece of coral. Make several variations of this white and blue.

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Then paint some green sea. Supercharge your palette with permanent hair green and light olive green. Use your #8 round brush to load both colors.

Paint the seaweed in the lower left box. Use a round brush to paint wavy lines of varying thickness. Also, the light and dark green colors alternate, so that the algae appear different shades of green.

With the same round brush and greens, add small round leaves to the seaweed. To make the green a little lighter, you can add some Titan White.

Under The Sea Paint Color

Next, paint the oblique rays of light in the upper lightest part of the picture.

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Put a small amount of titanium white on the tip of your #8 round brush. Then quickly click down to create light beams at different angles.

Tip: Make sure you only have a little paint on your brush. These light rays must be very thin and transparent. To create this effect, you can almost say that you “dry brush” the brush strokes.

Use a #8 round brush to paint the leaf shape/spiky seaweed onto the coral side. Use different variations of green to make this type of seaweed.

Fill up your palette with cadmium yellow and titanium white. Paint another type of sea on top of this yellow. (Tip: adding white to the yellow helps make it more opaque).

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Then paint a coral pillar on the bottom. Fill your palette with Quinacridone Magenta and some Titan White. Paint the cylinder parts with a #8 round brush in two colors (magenta and white).

Draw a longer and flowing sea in the lower left. I did this in a similar way to the other piece of seaweed on the left. I drew long flowing lines with rounded leaves.

Then use a #2 round brush to paint the starfish. It may also help to draw it with a pencil first. Paint strong white. You will need to wait for this to dry before painting the orange.

Under The Sea Paint Color

Use a #8 round brush and dioxazin violet. Paint/draw corals on the bottom left and bottom right of the drawing. Also paint the gaps in the coral.

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Paint solid with purple and some titanium white. Let’s create the different variations of purple texture/accent in the coral.

When the white of the starfish dries, they paint another color. I did it with cadmium orange.

Use a combination of unbleached titanium and some phthalo blue. Dilute it to a very thin consistency. Paint a very thin shaded area under the starfish and part of the coral.

Use a #2 round brush to draw the small fish to the top of the ocean. Use phthalo blue mixed with some white. Color the little fish in different shades of blue and white.

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Paint small fish in different directions to create depth. The higher it is, the smaller the fish. Some of the fish are tiny little dots with no detail because they are so far away.

More… Use a #2 round brush to paint small dots on the branching coral. Also trace the top oval piece loosely over the branching coral.

I recommend using a pencil or white chalk to draw all your sea creatures. The Art Projects for Kids blog has lots of great tutorials on how to draw different sea creatures, such as this tutorial for drawing a seahorse.

Under The Sea Paint Color

Draw the seahorse with a piece of chalk and then fill in densely with titanium white. Use a #2 round brush for this step.

Under The Sea (693)

Then draw a small angelfish. This is the same angelfish design I did in my Under The Sea Angelfish tutorial.

After the whites of your sea creatures have dried, paint the colors. For the angelfish I used Cadmium Yellow Medium to paint the stripes on the fish.

To get a golden-orange color, dye the seahorse yellow by mixing it with some orange. (You can also change the color of these sea creatures if you want!)

Color the small spines of the seahorse only with orange. Also draw a white dot for the eye of the seahorse.

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Draw black dots on the clown fish tips of the fins and a black dot for the eyes.

Use your #2 round brush and some Cadmium Orange mixed with Titan White. Draw a bell shape for the top of the jellyfish piece.

Then draw the tentacles blank. Do this with very little paint on the tip of the brush. Combine white and orange to create different variations of orange and white.

Under The Sea Paint Color

You can add more details and sea creatures! That’s it for this tutorial, I hope you like it! Sign your name and show!

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Fall Aspen Trees is a PERFECT EASY beginner tutorial that introduces you to beginner painting techniques! This tutorial will walk you through the steps to draw an underwater painting scene with angelfish, sea, bubbles and coral.

Use two different shades of blue for the underwater color and white for the light reflecting off the sea surface.

You can use this free printable fish to draw or print your own angelfish and transfer it to canvas with white graphite paper.

This is a great thing to do with your kids and even learn a little about marine biology.

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For this underwater painting I used two different types of blue: Phthalo Blue and Phthalo Turquoise. If you use Liquitex BASICS, use “Turquoise”.

Underwater Painting Photo Instructions: 1. Paint the underwater background with Phthalo Blue, *Phthalo Turquoise, and Titanium White.

*Note: I used DecoArt Cobalt Turquoise Hue which is similar to Phthalo Turquoise. Liquitex BASICS is tinted turquoise now, so if you are using the BASICS brand, I would use that color.

Under The Sea Paint Color

To blend, simply paint on the canvas using the wet-on-wet blending technique (mixing colors on canvas).

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