Vermont Flag Coloring Page

Vermont Flag Coloring Page – The Vermont flag was officially adopted on April 17, 1923. Since then, Vermont has held the same flag for the past 99 years.

The Vermont flag was ranked 46th out of 51 flags rated by the North American Association of Philology.

Vermont Flag Coloring Page

Vermont Flag Coloring Page

The 7 primary colors on the Vermont flag are #002986, #6F6F00, #FFEF91, #D1FF86, #FFC53C, #006F00, and #000000. The width of the Vermont flag is 1.7 times its height. Standard flag size is 3′ x 5.1′.

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The Vermont flag has a blue background and state coat of arms, which includes a pine tree, a cow and a sheaf of wheat, with mountains visible in the distance. A buck’s head can be seen at the top. At the bottom of the coat of arms is a red ribbon with the country’s name and the motto “Freedom and Solidarity” written on it.

The general image of the badge represents agriculture in Vermont (cows, wheat, pine trees). The two pine branches on either side of the badge represent those worn by Vermont soldiers during the 1812 Battle of Plattsburgh. In the background is the state’s most famous mountain range, the Green Mountains. The deer head visible at the top of the shield depicts the state’s wildlife.

Vermont’s first flag was actually the state militia flag created in 1803. It mainly consists of a green background representing green mountains. Later, another design was created that also looked completely different from the current one. It has seventeen stripes and seventeen stars (similar to the American flag) with the state name at the top. The third draft is very similar to the second draft. Interestingly, many people confuse the Vermont flag with the American flag, so a different design is needed. Officially adopted on June 1, 1923, a lot has changed since the first three.

Downloadable Coloring Pages

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Download the Vermont flag as a high-quality SVG file. Scaler Vector Images (SVG) look good at any size. This logo can be used as a small icon (less than 50px high), or you can make it huge (over 2000px) and still look great!

We also have a large black and white drawing of the Vermont flag for download. This coloring book style image is perfect for student activities.

Vermont Flag Coloring Page

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