Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors – In 1970, a new Vantage engine was ordered for the Aston Martin DB6, increasing power to 325 hp from the standard car’s 282 hp. forever and ever.

The car sat in a private garage for decades and only recently resurfaced when the owner passed away, in capsule form, wearing the original livery, showing the original interior and of course still has the matching numbers, Vantage-spec engine.

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

There aren’t many Astons of this vintage sitting in dusty old sheds and garages, so this is a unique opportunity for someone looking to buy and restore one of the most desirable British classics of its time.

Aston Martin Dbs ’59’ And Vantage ’59’

The DB6 was launched in 1965 as the successor to the Aston Martin DB5, the most famous car the company ever produced, a model that featured in James Bond films for many years. The DB6 was designed to improve passenger comfort, boot space and reduce rear lift, which was a problem with the DB5 at high speeds.

Pictured above: Only 71 DB6 Vantages were made and this is one of those that sat in a garage for decades.

The striking similarities between the DB5 and DB6 are no coincidence, the DB5 was a very popular car that offered British luxury cars to local and global buyers.

The engineering team started with a DB chassis that was extended by 2 inches and they created a body with a slightly higher roof for better headroom. A rear spoiler was added to reduce lift and to reduce complexity it was decided to retain the rear axle used on the DB5.

Aston Martin Db5 Gallery

Despite its size, the DB6 was 17 kilograms heavier than the DB5 and offered exceptional comfort for rear passengers. The DB6 Mark 2 was launched in 1969, this updated version featured petrol injection and narrower wheel arches to accommodate the wheels and tyres.

The most sought-after variant was the Vantage-spec car, powered by a modified version of Tadek Marek’s DOHC straight-six, with taller cylinder heads and three sides of a Weber carburettor, producing 325bhp. 500 rpm.

Aston Martin continued to produce the DB6 from 1965 to 1970, after which the next DB car did not appear until 1994 with the DB7. The DB6 would be the last of the original David Brown DB cars. In 1946 he bought an Aston Martin for £20,500 and took the company to where it is today.

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

As mentioned above, this DB6 has been locked away in a garage for decades and now needs a complete restoration to return it to its original glory. At the same time, many others switched to fuel injection after one factory produced fuel injection.

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Relatives of the original owners believe this Aston has been sitting for nearly 30 years, so it needs a full body restoration. Like the original Vantage DB6, it is a sought-after classic and represents the ultimate evolution of Aston Martins DB series.

To read more about the car or register to buy, click here to visit RM Sotheby’s listing. It is expected to leave the auction block at the end of April with a price guide of £140,000-180,000, which is $192,900-248,000 USD.

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Classic & Heritage Aston Martin Cars For Sale

The caribbean blue paint makes the car do the talking and makes the car even more appealing than the standard silver painted on most DB5s.

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Until now, the most famous of the first owners of the Aston Martin DB5 was James Bond, the world’s most famous secret agent, who first drove the car in the 1964 film Goldfinger.

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

The Aston Martin DB5 represents the success of the company’s plan to develop a world-class GT sports car with the English in mind.

Million Aston Martin Goldfinger Db5 Limited Edition

The car is hand-built and finished using advanced techniques that originated with its founder, the DB4.

The best materials were used in the design, such as aluminum alloy body panels placed on a framework of small-diameter tubes with the Touring Milan patent and Superleggera design.

Its race-proven engine is also made from aluminum, including the block and its twin-cam cylinder heads. Naturally, the interior is upholstered in fine Connolly leather, complemented by deep Wilton carpets.

There was a certain innocence to product placement in the early sixties. Filming a brand or product seemed like a good idea at the time.

This Is How Aston Martin Paints A Dbx In A Bespoke Valkyrie Spec Paint

Rejected by Jaguar, Eon Productions turned their attention to Aston Martin to provide a ‘daily driver’ for MI6 agent James Bond… and the rest is history.

The 1964 Bond film Goldfinger made the DB5 one of the most famous cars of all time. Amazing how a man doesn’t want to drive a nice car and think of himself as a secret agent lost with women.

The DB5’s recent resurrection in the James Bond film Skyfall has cemented the DB5’s place in cult and automotive history.

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

Since the introduction of the E-type, the industry has witnessed the luxury of such a vehicle by kings, rock stars, celebrities, etc.

Aston Martin Db2 4 (10)

The car has seen regular use and was recently taken to DB5 Aston Martin restoration specialist Adrian Johnson.

Based in Leeds, UK, the company has a long history of restoring luxury and rare cars, particularly Aston Martins.

The caribbean blue color makes the car speak and makes the car more attractive than the standard silver that is painted on most DB5s.

The color shine is nice and deep like a mirror. The body details like the door, hood and trunk openings are excellent.

Aston Martin Dbr1

No expense was spared during the restoration, so the rubber around the doors and windows is also in new condition.

The interior turned out to be not only a luxurious look of its time, but also very stylish and timeless.

The interior of the Aston is very attractive and we think the color goes well with the car’s exterior.

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

The interior of the Aston is the same as the exterior and the rest has been well restored.

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The seating area is beautifully cut to the right size. Both the quality of the leather and the color of the leather are very good and match the exterior color very well.

The entire dashboard has been restored, including the gauges and gauges in full working order.

When you open the door, the smell is sweet and mostly English. The familiar Connolly leather smell immediately hits the nose and this smell immediately creates a feeling of driving and using the DB5.

Driving the Aston Martin DB 5 is very special. Everyone knows the model and everyone likes the name because of James Bond.

Aston Martin Vantage Scfssgaw6mgn05635 For Sale In Seattle Bellevue Wa

This Aston Martin DB5 is a true British sports car any way you look at it, and with a full history file and heritage certificate, it’s very rare.

This DB5 is a great example, but the car drives like one of the best examples we’ve ever sold.

The engine power is amazing and the handling is excellent. The car reacts immediately to both the steering wheel and the pedals.

Vintage Aston Martin Paint Colors

The test shift is very smooth and the car offers a very pleasant drive on the highway, as well as on small historic roads where you can definitely run a little.

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We appreciate that each car is in its original paint condition and that the car is in good condition.

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