Western Unimount Wiring Diagram

Western Unimount Wiring Diagram – First of all, I would like to say that this is how we installed old traffic lights on cars before 2007. Most 2007 and later cars require a separate module to be installed because the BCM (Battery Control Module) controls the amps for all circuits. On the other hand, the computer knows you’ve turned on the power and doesn’t like it. I also want to emphasize that this is a special need of the vehicle and has nothing to do with the light plow brand. The wiring diagram below will work with headlights, fog lights / driving lights or any halogen replacement for that matter. As we tear more Meyers, we always include Meyer by Truck-Lite and Truck-Lite ATL lights. As I receive more calls on this issue, I will add more information to this page. I said, “Why do I have to do this?” I would answer. The question is now. Because that way we don’t cut the headlights. What prompted me to create this page is that we spent about 5 hours repairing a 2000 Dodge 1500 with a spa cable.. Meyer / Introduction to Truck-Lite. Instead of unplugging and restarting, we just tried to fix what went wrong and save customers money. Big mistake. Compounds beneath the mountain turned from acid to dust over the years. There are extensions under the radiator (since the 1994-2002 Dodge and 1999-2002 GM had a right-hand headlight system), which also turned to dust. With a little help from my friend Jerre Heyer, we also found the headlight fuse. A light with a blown fuse is still dim and returns to the rough ground. Lessons are understood. This is how we do it as usual, this is how we do it.

1. Connect the red wire from the split relay to feed the two plows.

Western Unimount Wiring Diagram

Western Unimount Wiring Diagram

2. Connect the green wire from the split relay to feed the two plows.

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3. Attach marker lights to either side of the vehicle, or you can split and split it to give two plows.

4. Connect the turn signals on each side of the vehicle. No quick links!

5. Mounted at the bottom with belt guides for inner protection or beam support on the side of the car. They can also use batteries if you prefer.

The cable color above is the normal cable color. Most of the time the ground is white, so check the wire color again. We use standard “Bosch Ice Cube” relays for high beam and low beam. We use a 3 position switch with “center off” to control the plow light. The top flaps have two cutouts for easy access to the top flaps. We connect the power supply to “unlocked” power, so the plow turns off when we turn it off. Sometimes, when there are no spare keys in the circuit, we connect them to the battery instead (but remember to turn off the lights when you turn off the car). If you turn on the lights this way, turn off the lights and leave the lights on. You can plow both sets of lights, but the headlights can be behind the annoying plows. Also, this will be an extra pipe in your electrical system that you don’t need. Keeping the plow lights completely separate from the car’s headlights means it doesn’t matter whether you install these lights on a 1994-2002 Dodge or 1999-2002 GM that uses Positive Ground lights. With Positive Ground, if you cut the car connector in the wrong place, you’ll have unwanted gravity, especially if you don’t know you’re running a car ground light.

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In this case, terminal 87a is not used. When installing the relay, make sure the connection is low to help drain the water. It’s not a bad idea to add an internal fuse or circuit breaker (depending on the wiring used) to the battery wires. Most of these relays are rated for 40 amps. We use 16 ha. GXL cable for all these cables. We use a 20 amp fuse on the battery power cable to the relay. Since the load on the power line from the switch to the transmitter is very small, we do not use a fuse there. By using a 3-position switch, two relays cannot be connected at the same time, so one power cable from the battery goes to the other relay.

SKU: on-ON-ON-ON-ON-ON-ON. Position 3, Off – Off. Rated at 21 Amps @ 14v DC. $7.75 SKU: ICE-CUBE Ice Cube ISO Relay Bosch Type “Ice Cube” ISO Relay. 50 amps / 30 amps down. Manufacturer $6.50: Aftermarket Below is the original Truck-Lite ATL diagram, with some notes if you want to add it to work (although we don’t recommend it). SKU: M08550 Truck-Lite Headlight Switch Truck-Lite Truck-Lite Headlight Switch for Meyer Plow Lights and switch hardware for Truck-Lite ATL lights used on Meyer plows and others for many years. 6 tabs on the back of the switch. $18.00 Manufacturer: Aftermarket SKU: SBTLHH Truck-Lite Headlight Wiring Harness OEM Truck-Lite Wiring Harness for ATL Truck-Lites. This is consistent with Meyer (and Truck-Lite) and other manufacturers that have been using Truck-Lite ATL lights for many years. Includes left and right headlight brackets. $ 60.00 Manufacturer: Lori-Lite SKU: 6PIN-PIGTAIL 6-pin pigtail 6-pin molded connector. 16 gauge cable. Cut the middle of the loop and you will have 6 holes. Perfect for attaching snow lights. Not compatible with Truck-Lite plug. To make the Truck-Lite plug, you need to split this loop into two parts. $9.99 Manufacturer: AftermarketWestern 3 Port 3 Plug Wiring Harness Truck Side Splitter (Fits High / Low / Suburban)

Above, you need to select the required modules and adapters. If you don’t know what you need, you should use Western Power Match to decide. Others may call for additional adapters. If they are not listed on the device, it may not come with it. Please ask.

Western Unimount Wiring Diagram

This is a set of side wires for western plows and anglers. This is a separate 3-port module with a 3-plug configuration. If you have a double plug shovel and want to replace it, you will need shovel side #28053 to use it. Also, if you don’t have a controller, you’ll need one.

Ultramount Headlights Flicker

You’ll need a 3-port module, a 63411 side power cable, a 3-pin 26345 control cable, an 11-pin side power cable, a 56131 motor solenoid, a 22511 power cable, and then choosing the appropriate light adapter will be the drill. . Trucks. We also recommend getting dielectric grease tubes to protect these plugs.

Note: The West now has more wire systems. If you have a 4-pin controller instead of six, and two sockets instead of three, this cable won’t work for you.

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