What Color To Paint Tv Stand

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Okay, maybe it’s alcohol (really), so moms consider me a bad thing about the living room, the decor, blah blah blah. But you still read, right?

What Color To Paint Tv Stand

What Color To Paint Tv Stand

This is what a living room looks like when we buy a home. If you love red, I’m sure you will enjoy this room even more than I do.

Reinvented Tv Cabinet: How To Paint Laminate Furniture With Metallic Paint

I talked to Old Cranky (not Tim), a great local furniture designer, and asked him to make an 8-inch buffet room where I could fit a TV. I let him draw eyelashes and 6 weeks later… voila!

It may not look like this, but this ugly boy is 8 feet tall, according to Goldilocks –

. I chose Benjamin Moore Cloud White to match my kitchen, which is being painted next month (Btw, do not tell Tim) and since I have an open floor plan I want most similar white.

You might think 8 ′ sounds long. But when you have a long wall, it’s good to put something parallel to it – it’s really good. Every TV stand / side I watch is about 60-78 “long and not what I was looking for. The height is 33” which is good for watching TV and the depth of 17 “is enough to fit in a cable box. Cable without depth.

Brimnes Tv Unit, Black, 707/8×161/8×207/8

The interior, rear and skeleton are all made of wood and of good quality. With 3 drawers and soft doors, it was everything I wanted in a TV cabinet and more (but does it fit a glass of wine?)

Initially, the color palette did not complement the color of the fireplace, and now the fireplace looks like part of the room. I chose Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream for the walls (my favorite heavy cream).

As you can see in the ‘previous’ photo above, the previous owner installed a TV on the end wall that provided an existing cramped bowling alley. Changing the room with furniture and installing a TV makes the room more attractive and even better, even with a fireplace (they are always stupid).

What Color To Paint Tv Stand

And look at this bad boy. Along with the sofa at one end of the room, this beauty was created by Christian of Driftwood Designs – it was an old factory bracket that is now my new desk!

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That’s it! While our home is a revolving table of furniture, I think these things will last for a while!

Check out my affordable online decorating and painting service if you need new ideas for your home!

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Caracole Classic Soft Silver Paint / Vanilla Cream Tv Stand

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What Color To Paint Tv Stand

One of the most important things that every living room should have is a pleasant wall. This wall is used to place the TV with all the appliances, and sometimes it is the best choice of all the walls in the room to be used as an accent wall, so it can be an important topic that will catch everyone’s attention. Each. .

Inch Low Profile Flat Screen Tv Stand

Turning this fun wall into an accent wall is not a difficult task. It’s as easy as painting a wall with a different color. But to take it to the next level, you have to use your own creativity and imagination to create a beautiful wall behind the TV.

One of the most important things to achieve the best results is choosing the right wall color. Generally, dark colors will work best. The dark color on the back of the TV will make our eyes focus more on the TV screen and there will be no distractions. But sometimes anything lighter can still work well – if your current living room decor doesn’t match the dark walls.

Basically white accent walls without decoration look great. But in some cases, you need to add some accessories or effects to make it beautiful. For example, if you have large walls, it is better to add wall accessories such as some wall lamps so that the walls do not look empty.

If you need some new ideas to turn your entertainment wall into a feature wall, our team has created 10 unique wall ideas behind the TV that you can use for your inspiration, and these are:

Coral And Gold Tv Console

If you do not have the confidence to paint the entire wall behind the TV with a dark or dark color, you can use a small part as a wall and leave the whole wall as it is. As you can see in our design above, we create only narrow vertical walls that are just enough to highlight the main areas of the entertainment wall.

This method will also create a vertical effect that will be useful if you have a low ceiling to make your space feel high.

For these walls we used charcoal – a dark shade of gray that looks elegant and luxurious and creates a great contrast with other white walls painted white. Many homeowners are generally afraid to use this color because this color is so dark – almost black – because it will make the whole room dark and gloomy. But if you create only small and small walls like this, you can use this color without worrying about it. Your place is dark.

What Color To Paint Tv Stand

This method is similar to the previous method, but now we are creating a horizontal effect instead of a vertical one. The center of the wall is painted dark gray, while the top and bottom are painted white.

Create A Stylish Tv Wall With These Decor Tips

Such walls can make any room feel bigger and more spacious, so this method can work well if you have a small living room.

You can use your own creative ideas to play with other color combinations to match your current interior. .

In the previous two ideas we created a sound. But you can set the tone for all the fun walls like this one. It is simple, straightforward, easy to execute, but still looks beautiful thanks to the beautiful navy blue color.

For such walls, choosing the right color is paramount. And bold and deep colors are the best choice for this wall. You can choose one of these colors to match your current room decor or furniture.

Drawers Vintage Dresser Chinoiserie By White Of Mebane

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