What Makes A Great Place To Work

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Hi, it’s us and we’re honored to be recognized as one of the Best Places to Work Magazine for 2020!

What Makes A Great Place To Work

What Makes A Great Place To Work

The first few months of 2020 flew by and didn’t get any easier. Jobs were suddenly eliminated, important business goals were disrupted, and many companies were forced into incredibly difficult times. While our flexible work environment is more than ready due to the uncertainty brought by the covid-19 pandemic, we are proud of our unique company culture, driven by the hard work and passion of our employees for our products and for each other. .

What Makes Sod A Great Place To Work?

In its fifth year, Inc.’s Best Workplaces surveyed a record 370,000 employees at 2,500 diverse companies, recognizing only the best companies for their vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement and great benefits. With an overall score of 93.61 (out of 100), we performed exceptionally well in employee engagement with 91% of our employees identified as “highly engaged” and 0% as “disengaged” – a number we are really proud of.

We also received high marks for learning and development opportunities, which we pay more attention to as our company has grown significantly over the past two years. With 16 hours of learning and development training per year for employees, they can learn new skills, expand their knowledge and focus on how they want to grow.

Another benefit that has really helped our employees is the unlimited paid time off model. This encourages mental health breaks and allows our employees to take the time they need to recharge if needed. This has paid dividends in creating a healthy, happy and productive workforce

I’ve been working since 2018 and my time here makes it easy to see why it’s a great place to work. From weekly incentives from the CEO to daily conversations with colleagues, it reflects the goal of helping every employee succeed. – Benjamin Matthews, Principal Document Engineer

What Makes A Company A Great Place To Work?

We live and breathe our core values, which is why this recognition is such an honor. We care about each other, our products and our customers, and honestly, it’s really nice to be recognized in such a big way. We’ve developed a unique culture that thrives on transparency, communication and fun, and we’re proud of it!

Inc. for the opportunity to recognize and congratulate all the other workplaces that made it to this list. I want to thank you. We are in great company!

Interested in joining and immersing yourself in our unique culture? Check out our careers page for open roles!

What Makes A Great Place To Work

Recently named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces. Hear from current “Stalkers” why the company made the list?

Steps To Make Your Organisation A Great Place To Work

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Lindsey is the communications manager. He graduated from San Diego State University and studied digital marketing for most of his career. He has a strong passion for 280 characters, creating memes one after the other and chronological algorithms even though no major social network uses them.

With a background in journalism, Lindsey enjoys honing her interviewing skills as a writer and host for Practical Genius. He maintains blogs and long-form reports such as The State of Digital Maturity 2022: Advancing Workflow Automation. Bring out the confetti! Getting the best Work-Certified™ placement is more than just a badge and bragging rights You’re part of a company that puts its people first

Hubspot Named One Of The 2018 Best Workplaces For Women By Great Place To Work® And Fortune

This milestone is about celebrating your employees, joining a global community of exceptional companies, and putting your company’s name on the coveted workplace map.

Many companies ask us: “How can we use our certificate throughout the year, not just the first post?”

Share your certified status on your company blog and explain what being certified means to you. This is your chance to toot your own horn and explain what it means to join a certified club.

What Makes A Great Place To Work

Even if you haven’t returned to the office yet, there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate from home. Throw a virtual party with music, games, and cheering staff (Bonus for choosing a theme and coordinating Zoom background!)

What Makes Your Company A Great Place To Work?

Treat yourself to a break from work for a free lunch or Happy Hour Salty Margarita? Yes, thank you.

Give your Twitter followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company celebration Add your office photos to your Instagram story Create a great video for Facebook Sign your posts with #GPTVcertified to join the national conversation Donate $1 to charity for every employee who posts on how he became certified on social media.

Has anyone noticed that it makes their colleagues’ work day a little better? Use this day as an opportunity to recognize your company’s employees for helping to create a better workplace. Acknowledgments from bosses are flattering, but recognition from peers is even better

Organizing a Secret Santa-style matching system encourages employees to think about how they recognize their colleagues. One-on-one awards give each employee time in the spotlight

Best Companies To Work For 2013: What Makes A Company A Great Place To Work

With everything going on in the world, now is the perfect time to help others Support employee benefits by matching donations to charities of their choice

Spread the love to your customers or clients. Show them how important employee happiness is to you by offering freebies or discounts on your certification day or certification day. To run a hotel business? Give everyone a free latte!

Looking for more ideas on how to celebrate? Ask your team! In the spirit of inclusive culture, celebrations are best when everyone has fun together!

What Makes A Great Place To Work

Find out how your employee experience aligns with the great company culture you’ve created with the Great Place to Work Certificate™. Click the link if you are familiar with the Great Place to Work process and would like to register your organization.

About Gsa National

The certificate is globally recognized by employees and employers and is considered the “gold standard” for identifying and recognizing excellent workplace cultures.

Employee assessments and surveys are just the beginning for organizations committed to creating a better workplace. Better Workplace Analytics accurately measures the baseline level of trust in your organization while providing targeted recommendations on how to improve your workplace.

We help connect trust index metrics to your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can understand the connection between your organization’s business goals and workplace experience. This contributes to increasing the management’s responsibility for these goals

Our results show how you can maximize your efforts to be a great place to work Our consultants work with your team to communicate research implications and connections between survey results and models In addition, you agree to:

What Makes An Employer A Great Place To Work?

Great Places to Work analyzes the practices of more than 10,000 companies each year and identifies nine program areas that set the best companies apart.

Many organizations that have impressive programs on paper do not see the benefits of these investments in practice, even though they invest heavily in these programs. Great Places to Work found five essential qualities that enhance the success of the best corporate program packages: their diversity, originality, inclusiveness, degree of human contact and cultural integration.

Leaders can reinvent their approach to effective organizational policies and practices through a thorough assessment of workplace culture.

What Makes A Great Place To Work

Through this process, consultants identify gaps between the effectiveness of your programs and their actual effectiveness. The consultant recommends areas of critical investment for future improvements and provides insight that helps organizational leaders become more efficient and effective in creating a strong workplace culture. . The key is to align benefits and practices with a framework that defines the success factors that distinguish complex program areas and great workplaces.

Collabware Makes The 2019 List Of Best Workplaces™ In Technology

Drawing on insights from more than 30 years of experience studying the best workplaces around the world, we’ve developed our methodology to identify and recognize companies that have created great workplaces for everyone. The new ALLTM Great Workplace model is based on a model of trust to ensure that everyone has a consistently positive experience in the best workplace, regardless of job, status, age or gender. Better workplaces for all are effective leaders, meaningful values ​​and a deep foundation of trust with all employees able to maximize their human potential, no matter who they are or what they do for the organization. Companies that have managed to create better jobs for everyone

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