World War Two Coloring Pages

World War Two Coloring Pages – We have completed another historical period – World War II. I admit that I myself have learned a lot about this eternal war. Our main resources for this unit (four to five weeks) are as follows:

WWII Music This is a great site with authentic songs from that era – folk, big band, political and more. have a good time!

World War Two Coloring Pages

World War Two Coloring Pages

I asked the sprite if he would rather make a notebook or a WWII notebook, and he chose this one. I haven’t really done that in a while, so I’m glad it hasn’t completely overtaken them. (Not that I think notebooks are just for little kids, but apparently she’s tired of them.)

Wwii Coloring Pages Posted By Sarah Mercado

I did something different for the laptop stand. I made a book with pages and pockets from two very large manila envelopes. I got the idea from here. (I made my own tutorial that I’ll post on Heart of the Matter later.) This pocket holder is great for notebooks and notebook combinations because you can slide notebook pages into your pocket.

Here is a list of mini cards created by Sprite. I list the links I use for graphic or research work. For the most part, each book is a summary of one day’s lessons. In some cases, we extracted specific details from the reading material to focus on, for example, Thompson’s rifle.

(This is a complicated topic, and needless to say, I didn’t ask Spite to write about it. It bothered him too much. Instead, he cut out the text from the worksheet below.

I really like this visual literacy pdf. Each page has political cartoons or photos to analyze and study. I use some of these pages as notebook paper to add to my notebook pocket.

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