Wythe Blue Paint Color

Wythe Blue Paint Color – Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful teal with gray undertones. The color is found in the historic collection, country houses, It is a popular shade for traditional and coastal decor.

I am very excited to talk about one of my favorite colors, Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore. Spoiler alert – I really like this shade.

Wythe Blue Paint Color

Wythe Blue Paint Color

You can see it as soon as you enter my house. After reading about the shade and seeing some pictures, I am sure you will love it too.

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Wythe Blue was introduced in 1976 by Benjamin Moore as part of the Historic Color collection. This beautiful shade mimics the timeless appeal found in traditional and modern homes, along with historic homes. In 2012, it was even named BM’s “Colour of the Year”.

More versatile than you think Blue is a truly classic color. It has universal appeal; Outdated Overwhelmingly chosen as the color of choice across North America. It is related to the sea and the sky. It calms us down physically; It represents trust and commitment. Because of the dominance of blue in our world today, we chose Wythe Blue (HC-143) as Benjamin Moore’s 2012 Color of the Year. It is a beautiful and comforting shade that offers comfort and stability, and a heritage that provides fundamental root. Benjamin Moore

Wythe Blue is a calming teal that can fill a room or be used as an attractive accent color. Here is everything you need to know about this lovely color, as well as several examples of the shade in the home.

Note: If you are painting the room yourself, these tools will help you a lot. And this post gives you the best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps.

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Looking at the clock, Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue has strong gray and green influences. In any case, When you have painted your walls, depending on the lighting and other accents, you will find that the green or gray is secondary, but the blue is prominent.

Wythe Blue will pick up the gray accents and furniture in the room and reflect more of the gray. There will also be undertones of gray if there is nothing in the room or to emphasize the green color.

The teal shades of Wythe Blue will remain in west-facing rooms; Yellow natural light will make the walls more lush. If you want the green basics. To help bring out the green undertones, you should have outdoor greenery such as green bath rugs and bathroom rugs. My dining room faces west so it’s very green.

Wythe Blue Paint Color

Another way to make the shades of green more visible is to pair them with Wythe Blue, another light blue. Light blues will generally produce green tones in Wythe Blue. Also, the green will be more noticeable at night when the colors become richer.

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Wythe Blue is too dark; The color is not too bright. It sits in the middle of the Reflective Light Index, a scale of 1 to 100 from black to pure white. Due to its mid-level LRV, Wythe Blue pairs well with most colors. Some suggestions for trying out Benjamin Moore are:

Wythe Blue also goes well with most whites. Wythe Blue You might be hard-pressed to find a standard decor color that doesn’t work in a certain style or fashion. I used it with plain white OC-117 in my bathroom and they look great together.

This shade of blue can also work beautifully as an accent color. Bright reds appear in Wythe Blue style rooms. Wythe Blue and yellow and green in the room are more energizing than usual. believe it or not Believe it or not, orange can also make a wonderful match with a shade.

Wythe Blue is richer than other blues and can be used in many rooms throughout the home. Sufficient for children’s rooms. Good enough for the dining room and good enough for the exterior. Here are some of my favorite examples from around the web.

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This first bedroom with Wythe Blue is fresh and clean. This photo from House of Turquoise shows how undertones of green can be present without being overwhelming or muddy.

I have a special affinity for Wythe Blue bathrooms. It was actually the color I recently chose when redoing my girls bathroom. How beautiful is the shape of this painting! Every time I walk into this room it brings me joy. Happy, I know.

This bathroom features Wythe Blue in a dark gray setting. This room was designed by Bella Casa Interiors, and from where the light hits you can tell what shade the color is, from green to gray.

Wythe Blue Paint Color

Green tones are prominent in the spa-like Wythe Blue bathroom, created by the design team at Avenue B Development. Wythe Blue As you can see, green is used as an accent in a darkly lit room.

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There’s a lot going on in this kitchen. Bright red accents contrast with white and gray elements and cabinets. This house with a turquoise kitchen is Wythe Blue. By using it sparingly, you can focus your eye on certain areas of the kitchen. It is interesting to note that the shade goes well with all the other colors in this room.

If you compare this kitchen with Wythe Blue above, You will see how versatile this color is and how well it goes with all styles. It fits in this house in the country. Eye gray makes blue really popular.

In this living room, Wythe Bluein, blue; Green and gray appear together. Studio Ten 25 did a good job with soft lighting to keep Wythe Blue neutral and slightly warm.

This Wythe blue living room shows both a hint of green on the left and a tone of blue in the center. It shows how the light actually works in Wythe Blue.

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On the contrary, this living room with Wythea Blue by The Decorologist is an airy turquoise. Natural light fills the room and the dark wood highlights the green. Note that it is not as nice as the other rooms.

My own dining room is painted this rich, soothing color, as I have loved it since I moved into our house 7 years ago. My room faces west and has a lot of yellow/brown so I definitely gravitate towards green. I love it too!

If you want a touch of Wythe Blue on your exterior, add some personality by painting your doors. It’s a welcome timeless color that will add a little excitement to every day. Doors painted this color are what made me fall in love in the first place.

Wythe Blue Paint Color

Do you still believe? What room would you put the Wythe Blue in? I’m partial to the bathroom, but the front door in this shade will forever own my heart. 💗

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I’ve rounded up some of the best tools for DIY room painting. First, check out this post I wrote about painting a room in 5 easy steps. These tools are the best tools I use to paint my rooms; That’s how you paint 95% of the time. I’ve had a pretty productive weekend. We painted our stove, I do a little work in the yard. And I painted the front door… 🙂

I’m not even going to paint the front door this weekend. After painting the kitchen (which I will share soon) I looked around the house and thought to myself,

By the way, This is the fourth time we have painted our front door. I’ll share the other previous colors in a bit, but first I wanted to share how this color was chosen. It’s really random. After deciding to repaint the front door, I went down to the paint store and found a small can of paint that I had never used before. This color is called;

I bought paint at Lowes years ago and didn’t even pick a color. It was actually discarded paint. Did you know that Lowes sometimes sells paint that customers don’t buy at the discounted price? Yes this is one of those colors that I grabbed one day and still haven’t used it.

Wythe Blue (hc 143)

I like it! This color has a mint tone and I think it looks cool. I think it matches the color of the exterior of the house. People always ask what color our house is, but I really don’t know. It was painted this color before we moved.

I took pictures inside.

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